Aconcagua Team at Casa de Piedra

The Aconcagua team is on their way towards basecamp and will spend tonight at Casa de Piedra.  This was day 2 of their trek in, with Mules carrying most of their gear, they are able to hike with a day pack and enjoy the journey.  Today was a 5-6 hour hike continuing up the Vacas Valley to their camp at 10,000 ft. From this camp they got their first good views of Aconcagua, looking up the Relinchos Valley which heads up towards the Plaza Argentina basecamp where they’ll head tomorrow.

Tonight they are enjoying another nice dinner, hot showers, and the latest addition to camp, Starlink Internet access.

Aconcagua Views up the Relinchos

First Views of Aconcagua Summit looking up the Relinchos Valley

Aconcagua Pampa de Llenas

Leaving Camp this morning

Aconcagua Dining Tent

Inside the Dining Tent


Here’s John with the evening call from camp! Click the link to hear the expedition dispatch.

Aconcagua Team Evening Dispatch from Casa de Piedra

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