Aconcagua Team – Detailed Report About Carrying to Camp 1

Aconcagua expedition at base camp
Adrian called in from Base Camp with a very detailed report from the mountain.  Due to the challenges of conveying longer messages via satellite phone, it took three attempts to get the entire “agenda” across.  The team decided to make a dispatch agenda so ensure they cover all the topics that they wanted to share.

Also, Fermin sent us the image above of the team during a beautiful sunset at Base Camp!


Part 1:


Part 2 (or “Part 1 Redux”):


Part 3:


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  1. All of you sound great! So glad the shoes were not an issue. Also good to know flip-flops at acceptable attire when mountaineering. Can’t wait to see the pictures when you return. The clouds look stunning. — Thanks for the overview. Keep the candy sharing going…..

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