Aconcagua Team at Confluencia Camp

The journey has begun and they are at the Confluencia Camp (3400 m/11,150 ft) on the approach to Aconcagua. On the approach to basecamp, they’re trekking with a day pack and the expedition gear is carried by Mules up the Horcones Valley. Our team will take an extra day at the Confluencia Camp to acclimatize and hike up the Valle Francia towards the massive South Face of Aconcagua to enjoy the views and give them a chance to acclimate to the higher altitudes. The camp sits at the confluence of two valleys, and is a beautiful and comfortable place to spend some days exploring. They’ll have some Internet access at the Confluencia Camp and at basecamp for the next few days, so we’ll post pictures as we get them from the team. Thanks, Chris, for sending these!


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