Dispatch from the Summit of Aconcagua!

aconcagua from the east

The team is on the summit after a long, hard morning of climbing! Everyone took the opportunity to say “hi” from the top of Aconcagua this afternoon. It sounds like they had a good day, and while they took advantage of nice weather, the team moved up to the top in strong fashion. Summit day on Aconcagua is a long, challenging day.  After enjoying the top, the team is now headed back down to high camp now to get some rest.

The team began their ascent to the top in the dark, hiking the first hour by headlamp.  As the sun rose, the shadow of Aconcagua stretched to the western horizon, forming a dark pyramid of shade.  The route works its way up the north ridge of the mountain before jogging over to the western side of the ridge.  A long traverse led to the final, loose climb up the infamous “Canaleta” and the summit of the Americas.

Enjoy The Summit Phone Call!


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  1. Congratulations Bruce! Second time’s a charm. I’m sure your well-deserved victory drink will be a pumpkin spice latte!!! 😀
    Wishing you and the team a safe return.

  2. Well done, Alex. Great to hear you and hear about it. Mel says he hopes you have taken some photos. Good luck. Have a good rest.

  3. Big up bro! Sounds like you had a bit of a challenge, but made it through! Had to cough during your bit, as Iso and Lily listening. V proud bro. Richie

  4. Bruce,
    Congratulations to you and the rest of the team that made this awesome journey!
    Looking forward to all the trip details/pictures and to have you back home.
    Love you Deb

  5. Fantastiskt roligt för dig Johan och hela teamet, njut! Ta dig nu lugnt och fint hem till dina nära och kära. Jhenny

  6. Congrats everyone on this huge accomplishment and experience of a lifetime! On to the next!

    Love you Jason! Love your tiny niece Savannah

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