Aconcagua SUMMIT!

David Bailey and Lawrence Cutler just called in from the summit of South America!  The two climbers, with out guides Christian Kerrick and Fermin Avila are standing on top at this moment.

They had a beautiful day to climb, following some incredibly high winds earlier in the week.  The team was patient and deliberate, which paid off with a stunning day and a view from higher up than anything outside the Himalaya.

After their last message from the base of the Canaleta, the climbers started up the steep, scree-filled gully and then picked their way along it’s edge, where the trail was in better shape.  They crested the summit ridge and after a bit of scrambling, stood on top of Cerro Aconcagua, 22,834 feet above the nearby Pacific Ocean.

Congratulations to the team!!!

Here is David, calling from the top.  Lawrence’s message was unfortunately cut off by orbiting satellites passing out of range.  If he calls back, we’ll post it asap.

Nov 28 Aconcagua Summit Call

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