Aconcagua Team Climbed to High Camp

Another beautiful day on Aconcagua and the team took advantage and climbed up to high camp at over 19,000 ft today.  They carried a bit of food to cache, but mostly this climb was about getting some acclimatization and preparing to move up in the next days for a summit attempt.  Mark had the honor of calling in today and say’s they are all doing well and I think he said that Nils and Brian (the guides) are “pitching a blinder” which I can only imagine is a cricket reference, but I’m sure someone can explain that in the comments section below!

Things are going great for the climbers and the forecast continues to look good for the next several days, so they might just be lined up to get to the top soon.

Here’s Mark from Aconcagua’s high camp.


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  1. Great to hear your voice which is sounding so strong and clear. Good to hear all the team are well and we are willing you all to the summit. Bon chance. Love to my man. Pip Biegel

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