December 17 Aconcagua team heading to Pampas de Lenas

Climber Marcin Wlodarczyk called on behalf of the December 17th Aconcagua team who just set out from the mouth of the Vacas Valley.

About six hours of hiking through a desert valley (reminiscent of parts of the Grand Canyon) they will arrive at “Pampas de Lenas,” the first camp on their approach, located at about 9,000 ft (2750 m). They will dine in true gaucho style, with food prepared over an open fire by their arrieros, a treat after a long day of hiking.

Whole team is doing well, and experiencing good weather, aside from the ubiquitous Aconcagua winds. We will likely not receive more photos from the team until they arrive at Plaza Argentina.

Here’s Marcin with the update:

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