Aconcagua team Climbs to Camp 1 and Back to Base Camp

Everyone is back in camp and doing great after making their first climb above basecamp today.  They loaded up their packs with some extra gear and food and carried loads up to Camp 1 at 16,300 ft.  There they cached the pile of stuff and returned to basecamp to spend another couple of nights acclimating and preparing to continue moving up the mountain.  The goal of these carry days is to get a bit of the load up to camp, but more importantly it is a chance for the climbers to get up to a higher altitude and begin acclimatizing to the progressively thinner air.  Tomorrow (Christmas Eve) will be their last rest day at basecamp, as they are getting a solid base of acclimatization and enjoying the relative luxury of basecamp where they can enjoy showers, internet access, and catered meals in the dining tent!   Everyone is doing great and sends their love to their family and friends back home.

It looks like they have beautiful weather in the forecast for the next several days, you can check the forecast by clicking the link in the box on the right sidebar —>

Here’s Daniel with the evening dispatch from Aconcagua Base Camp.

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  1. You’re the best! I love you lots! Keep working hard! It was so great to hear your voice and thanks the shout out. We miss you too!!

  2. Everything seems so well planned to keep the climbers on board. We do realize everyone for themselves when it comes to carrying the gear and I lift my hat for the ladies! I admire your courage and determination, Petra and Elna.

    Proudly South African!!!

    Sonja and the big 4 xxx

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