Aconcagua Team – Acclimating at C1

The Aconcagua team is having a good time up at Camp 1 where they spent the day resting, acclimatizing, and strategizing about the next few days. There is a storm coming in and it looks like everyone is going to be hunkered down for a couple of days while it blows through.  The team decided to stay put at Camp 1 today, where they are relatively out of the wind, instead of pushing up to Camp 2 which is on a ridge and much more exposes to the high winds predicted with the storm. They are hoping this strategy will pay off and they’ll be moving up in good conditions in a few days.  Meanwhile, they are enjoying the little luxuries, like fresh vegetables and steak that our guide Fermin is having brought up from basecamp.

Here’s Adrian with the afternoon expedition dispatch for December 26, 2018

Part 1:

Part 2:
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  1. Hunker down and carry on! In SoCal there is no wind, a few puffy clouds, and warm temperatures. The Finns from Estonia are wearing bikinis. Stay warm and fed…

  2. Hey Julia.. Hope you are hanging in there!!! Looking forward to hearing all the cool stories from you trip. Hope you had fun X’mas.

  3. Julia… Hope you had a fun X’mas with your climbing buddies. We are looking forward to hear all crazy stories about this trip from you.

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