Aconcagua Team Carry Loads to Camp 2

The team is doing great and continue to enjoy beautiful weather on their climb!  Today they carried a load of food and gear up to Camp 2 where they took a lunch break and then returned to Camp 1 for another night.  The goal of these climbs is primarily to acclimatize and prepare for moving to the next camp, and they get a bit of gear up there as well with the help of porters to keep the loads light!

Here’s Kristin with the evening dispatch from Camp 1!

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  1. Thank you Kristin for the update.
    Hallo Petra, Elna and the rest of the Supreme Team! Sounds like you were having another fantastic, successful climb up and down the mountain. The perfect weather makes the four-legged kids and myself so happy and at peace. We do though realize that it must still be freeeeeeezing cold! Your good spirits and positive reports keep us content. We cannot picture you with all the gear on your backs as it is too much for us to fathom…

    Also the view of your surroundings must humble you. We are in awe of the greatness of your mission and the fact that your dreams came true through determination.
    You are super human!
    Kylie and Chivas talk about you all the time and are very proud of your aspirations and what you have achieved up to now.

    Love you guys and wish you all the success for tomorrow’s re-run. Keep it up. We support you every step of the way up, up, up the high mountain!

    Sonja du Toit and the kiddies xxx

  2. Hi babe! Missing you a lot and am also very proud of you! I am out of breath walking up the stairs at 6300’ so I can’t imagine how you’re feeling!!! Good job babe! Keep it up!!

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