Aconcagua Dec 19th Expedition Meeting in Mendoza Argentina

The Mountain Trip December 19th Aconcagua expedition met in Mendoza today and are looking forward to heading up into the Andes tomorrow.   A few of the team members had some travel challenges, and there was one bag that never made it to Mendoza, but after a bit of scrambling around to the local gear shops they’ve all got their gear and they are ready to go.

Mendoza is a beautiful town, and known for great food and wine.   The team spent the afternoon checking out gear and making last minute preparations, then went to a fabulous team dinner at “La Barra”.

Let’s introduce the team:

Shlomo Wasser.   Sunnyvale, California

Yasushi Yamauchi.  Tokyo, Japan

Nick Bailey.  Surrey, United Kingdom

Hideko Yamamoto.  New South Wales, Australia

Zack Johnson (Guide).  Anchorage, Alaska

Here are a few of the early trip highlights, featuring steak and wine.

For more information about Aconcagua and a detailed itinerary go to our Aconcagua web page.

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