Aconcagua Carry to Camp 2 Today

The team had a successful “carry day” today, climbing from Camp 1 up to Camp 2, at nearly 18,000 ft! They carried some of their extra personal equipment to cache up at C2, but their packs were relatively light today and it was mostly about acclimatizing to increasingly higher altitudes. It was a windy day and they quickly returned to their tents at Camp 1 to spend another night before moving to Camp 2 tomorrow.  We’ll have the help of local Argentine porters to move camp and all the food and supplies to Camp 2 to help our team keep their packs reasonably light.  The wind is in the forecast for the next few days so we’ll be keeping an eye on that as they get up to the higher camps and look for a chance to go to the summit.

Here’s Fermin calling in the evening dispatch from Camp 1

Expedition Dispatch from Camp 1 Aconcagua

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