Ecuador Team is back from Chimborazo

Sebastian called, and speaking with a raspy voice, related the long night of climbing on Chimborazo.  The team has been bothered by stomach and respiratory challenges, but yesterday evening looked clear, so they went to bed early in order to head out for the summit before midnight.


Chimborazo on a relatively rare, clear day, as seen from the trailhead parking lot.

En route, two of the team were feeling very affected by some bugs that had been acquired in the previous days, and turned back.  Sebastian and David continued on a rope, with Matt and an Ecuadorian guide friend of ours, Santiago, on another rope.  David and Seba climbed to withing 30 minutes of the summit, before turning back, so as to not descend through a zone that becomes increasingly hazardous as the day warms up.

Matt and Santiago continued to the summit of Chimborazo, and enjoyed a clear view of the surrounding Andes!

Everyone descended to the Whymper Hut without incident and they were about to walk the short distance down to their awaiting van.  Tonight, the team will stay in Quito and some of the team will fly back home.  Helmut, Seba and Pablo are planning to head down to Cotopaxi on Monday, but we’ll see how Helmut’s cough is doing before making that decision.

Great job everyone!


Scott and the team, unloading for the short hike to the new climbing hut on Chimborazo.

Whymper Hut

The old Whymper Hut has been replaced by a very. very nice upgrade!

Chimborazo hut

The new Refugio Estrella del Chimborazo climber’s hut.


Inside the very nice new hut on Chimborazo. The old hut was functional, but not a place in which you’d want to spend a lot of time…




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