June 26 Denali Team – Meet the Team!

Our last expedition of the 2014 Denali climbing season is heading to Talkeetna, Alaska today.  This team is comprised of a group of climbers who have almost all been on big mountains together previously.  The majority firefighters from Fort Worth, TX and they have been training hard for this expedition.

Firefighters training

Denali training

They have decided to climb for a charity called Sons of the Flag, a nonprofit that helps the military, fire responders and civilian burn survivors.  A special online link has been developed to track the team’s fundraising efforts.  We encourage anyone able to follow us in helping support these guys!

Joined by some friends who have climbed as part of their team before, we are thrilled to help these guys continue on their journey.  Let’s meet the team!


  • Chris Turner
  • Kasey Gandy
  • Clint Brewer
  • Jerry Bays
  • Matt Magoffin
  • Dusty Sides
  • Daniel Ory
  • Brian Levendusky
  • Ross Jobson

The guide team:

  • Jacob Schmitz
  • Blaine Horner
  • Brian Kramp
  • Da Ongchu Sherpa
Fort Worth Firefighters

Good luck guys!!!


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