We have had good weather here in Kathmandu!  The big news is that we just received our Expedition Permit from the Ministry of Tourism yesterday.  It’s remarkable how not much has changed with that system over the years!

It’s been a busy and fun time prepping for the expedition, but I’ve had a little time to see old friends and get out to some amazing restaurants in the evening, with fun hikes during the day.  For anyone visiting Kathmandu, one of the must-do hikes is up Nagajune on the edge of town.  It’s a park, about 15 minutes from downtown, and you hike through a beautiful  forest to an amazing Gompa at the top.  What’s really nice about this hike is that very few tourists know about it!  It’s one of Kathmandu’s only close in hikes with, as you can imagine, great views!

Bryan, Jon and Susan arrive today, and we’re excited to get started now!

-Scott Woolums, Yak and Yeti Hotel, Kathmandu


The view from Nagajune, with Kathmandu stretching to the horizon.

Gompa at Nagajune

The Gompa atop Nagajune

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