Anxiously Awaiting News from the S. Col

Clouds and Wind this morning. Reports of quite high winds up at the South Col. Were all hoping those winds drop so everyone up there can get to lower camps. All of the Mountain Trip Team is safe in Base Camp today as we follow events from up higher on the mountain. We have 5 Sherpas that left this morning for Camp 2 to start work tomorrow on Camp 3 in preparation to our team leaving Base Camp tomorrow morning. Also 2 more were supposed to go up to South Col this morning, but they turned back due to high winds. The weather forecasts still are looking good for the 24-27 window. Very low winds,  warmer temps forecast and there should be far less people.  It is possible we could adjust our summit day depending on what the forecasts say today and when we are in Camp 2.  But this looks like a very good weather window and what we have been waiting for. Hello to all back home!

Cheers from Everest Base Camp!


We just got off the phone with Scott, and news is trickling in about some accidents on the summit push in the last day or two.   I’m sure everyone who wants all the news and gossip on Everest will be able to hear the stories and read about them on other blogs.  It isn’t our policy to comment on what other teams are doing on the mountain, but we always wish for everyone a safe and successful expedition.   Rest assured that our team is still at base camp tonight, and they are looking forward to moving up the mountain to Camp 2 tomorrow with a much more favorable weather forecast.

From Scott at Everest Base Camp, ” Really except for the events of the last couple days, things are good.  The weather looks brilliant, the team is very focused and the Sherpas are ready.”

Our team will be heading to the S. Col on the 24th with a strong team of 12 Sherpas, 2 of whom will remain at the S. Col to provide backup and assistance if any of our climbers need help.

They’ll be heading for Camp 2 in just a few hours from now as the final push to the summit begins for our team.

Wish them the best!

-Bill Allen/Mountain Trip

Scott Checking in with Camp 2 from EBC

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