Kilimanjaro Trek – Meet the team!

July 22 Kilimanjaro Trek

Our July 22 Kilimanjaro crew has arrived in Tanzania and begun their trek up the Lemosho Route, bound for the Western Breach. The rainforest is beautiful and there is a tangible sense of wilderness once the team reach higher elevations on this route–less crowded than standard routes up the mountain with some sections of technical climbing.  The team will be treated to views of neighboring Mount Meru floating on the clouds as they ascend. The team will be making their ascent on a seven-day itinerary to maximize their acclimatization on their way to the 19,341′ summit.

From lead guide Fischer Hazen: “The crew is all here and ready to start our climb up Kilimanjaro! Following some trials and tribulations with flights and travel it feels great to finally have everyone (plus all their stuff) here at the Ndarakwai Lodge. What a treat it has been to stay here; wonderful staff, amazing accommodations and fantastic food have made for a truly incredible welcome to Tanzania!

This morning we will wrap up equipment checks, pack up our bags and head towards the trailhead! We are thinking of everyone back home and will reach out soon via Inreach with an update from the mountain.”

The team has already arrived to Camp One and cruised up the first section of trail through the jungle. We will post audio and Inreach updates from the team as we receive them.

Let’s meet the climbers!

Jackie Montesanti

Jonathan Montesanti

Anna Montesanti

David Montesanti

Thomas Avery

Matt Mills

Katherine St. Pere

Photo: Ndarakwai L-R (Kathy, Anna, dave, Jackie, jake, Avery, Matt)

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  1. Best of luck to all of you. So jealous I’m not there. Please tell Kathy to watch out for copperheads and that Falcòn is watching over her. Be Safe…

    Michael Cook

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