West Rib Team SUMMIT!!!

Lead Guide Sebastian “Seba” Grau called from the summit of Denali!!!

The team climbed up to the top of North America in just under seven hours today, starting out in cold temperatures, but light winds.  They enjoyed a clear, beautiful day as they made their way up the last 3000′ to the summit.  Today is their 20th day on Denali.  They have not had many easy days during their entire expedition, as they have persevered through extreme cold temperatures, a heck of a storm and many, many days of waiting for the weather to improve.

Congratulations Chris Silkwood, Ben Nowak, Travis Baldwin and Seba Grau!!!

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  1. Great job guys!!! You finally made it to the top! I’m sure you’re looking forward to getting home and being a little more comfortable, but you truly made an outstanding effort to get where you are today. Congratulations again.

    Lary and Molly😉

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