West Rib Team Resting and Acclimatizing

Lead Guide Sebastian Grau called in from the broad Genet Basin at 14,200′ on Denali.  The members of our 2017 West Rib team are taking it easy today, building acclimatization and watching for a break in the weather, so they can take a hike a bit higher on the mountain.

The weather has not been great today, and it has been worse higher on the mountain.  The team has plenty of food and fuel, so they are content to just kick back and wait for conditions to improve.  On a big mountain like Denali, the weather dictates whether you can keep going or not, and for the time being, the weather is telling them to sit tight.

They have plenty of friends at the big 14,200′ camp, as there are about a half dozen other Mountain Trip groups stacking up at the same camp, all waiting for conditions to improve.

Here’s Seba!


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