May 29 West Buttress Team Carries to 16,400′

Lead Guide Eli Potter called in a post that was unfortunately pretty garbled at its beginning.  Please be patient, as he gives some nice detail as the call goes on, and improves in its clarity!

The team awoke to a decent day at 14,200′ (4328 m), but the winds above were quite strong.  While most teams lounged around, assuming that the weather report for high winds would be correct, Eli and his team got themselves ready to go to work for the day.  Work today meant loading up backpacks with supplies in preparation of carrying loads up the steepest part of the West Buttress route, to an elevation of about 16,400′ (5000 m).

A little while into the day, the winds from the 14,200′ camp to the top of the ridge near 16,000′ slackened and Eli’s crew jumped on the opportunity to move loads uphill.  This enabled them to enjoy a nice day of climbing by themselves, while 120 +/- climbers waited below.  Good job team!

Here’s Eli!

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  1. Hi Gerard and Team, so great that you were ready to move and took advantage of the wind speeds decreasing. It must have been wonderful to have that part of the mountain to yourselves. I’m sure that was a hard day of climbing and that you’re ready for a rest. We’re so happy that your climb is going so well. Friends and family in Florida and Georgia are all following your progress and send their love. Keep up the great work!

  2. 6/8/17: Great call on heading out before everyone else and taking advantage of the weather and being alone on the climb. We are so happy that weather is cooperating and that Eli has rejoined the group again. We can’t wait to hear from Carly on one of your reports, as she is the only female guide and looking forward to getting her perspective and update. The Cains and Arena’s are sending love and continued success with your trip and a safe return to all. Go Team Eli..

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