May 29 Denali Team – Weather Day at High Camp

Lead Guide Eli Potter called in with an update.  The team spent a very cold day watching winds blow up high.  The combination of wind and cold was too much to risk a long summit day, so they are crossing their fingers that tomorrow might bring a bit more warmth or less wind.

The team has been working hard and doing really well.  They just need a bit of a break with conditions and they will make a bid for the summit.

Here’s Eli!

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  1. Good to hear from you guys. I’m sorry the weather has not been helping but I’m sending more good vibes from the beautiful blue skies of Colorado! 🙏🏻🗻☀️🌞

  2. Yes, very good to hear that all is well. So sorry the weather has been so uncooperative! I’ll also send some blue skies and high hopes from Florida. Maybe you’ll summit on the 17th which would be the best possible birthday gift for Gerard! Stay warm and ready to move!

  3. Tell Ross I had a nice stout in the Breckenridge Brewery and Pub last night. There’s one waiting for him upon his return…Tim

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