May 22 Denali Team – Abe Checks In After Carrying To 13,500′

Abe Wheeler checked in after the team carried loads of supplies up and around the infamous, Windy Corner, to cache at an elevation of 13,500′ today.  The day began with a climb right out of camp up the steepest slope they have yet encountered on the route, Motorcycle Hill.  This thousand foot climb led them to a series of smaller, but even steeper slopes collectively known as Squirrel Hill.

A long, gradually rising hike beneath the rocky crags and steep snow gullies of the West Buttress proper, brought the team to a steep ridge of rock that dropped down to the small glacier they had been hiking, Windy Corner.  This feature can direct winds screaming along the massive South Face of Denali and is often simply a barrier to progress up or down.  Not today!  The team was graced with warm temperatures and clear skies as they passed the corner.  Not far above, they dug a deep pit in the snow and buried their cache of supplies.

Here’s Abe with an update and a bit of a shout out to the ladies!

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  1. Happy Birthday Abe & Jake! Great to hear your voice Abe — we’re pulling for a long run of blue skies and low winds!! Stay safe for the ladies …

  2. So happy to hear about the warmer weather and clear skies. You must be an awesome team to mention that you had an “easy day”, climbing some of the steepest slopes yet !! Nice to hear your laughter in the background, Mick.

  3. Hi Abe, so good to hear your voice. This lady is looking forward to seeing you safe and sound in 2 weeks. Glad you haven’t lost your sense of humor….

  4. Wheelers- Fantastic news on the weather–will hope for more of the same. We have been stuck in “June Gloom” in OC for 2 weeks…..without down parkas! Love your daily updates and I am certainly there “in spirit”. Stay safe. Mark

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