May 19 Denali Team – Linda Calls From 14,200′

Linda Wohlgemuth called in from Genet Basin, a huge bowl that will be the site of the May 19th team’s Camp 3 as they continue their ascent of Denali.  The team had a great day today, taking advantage of clear, blue skies to not only pack up camp and move up 3000′, but they also grabbed their cache from the uphill side of Windy Corner as they passed, which will save them some time having to backcarry that cache tomorrow.

They ascended the moderately steep Motorcycle Hill for a thousand feet out of the 11,200′ camp.  They then moved up a series of smaller, but steeper hills that are collectively known as Squirrel Hill.  After a few hours of work, they turned the infamous Windy Corner (more like Windless Corner today!), dug out their cache and climbed another hour and a half up to Camp 3.

The team rolled into the basin and set up a camp fortified with walls of snow blocks to provide protection against the wind.  They will take a full rest day tomorrow and then set their sights on moving higher up the mountain over the weekend or early next week.

Here is Linda!

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  1. So very proud of you Linda. It was great hearing your voice. I am so happy you and your team had a great day to climb. (Blue skies) Take care! I will continue to pray for good health and safe hiking!
    Love, Rhonda

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