May 13 Denali Team Backcarries To 14,200′

Lead Guide Dan Starr called in from 14,200′, after the team backcarried the supplies that they had cached at 13,500′ a couple of days ago.  This was a relatively easy day of work, as they dropped back downhill for about a half hour, dug into their cache and carried loads back up to Genet Basin.

The team then got to work fortifying their camp, by building thick walls of snow blocks.  The forecast is for high winds in the coming days and while the high quality mountain tents we use are built to withstand high winds, building thick walls around camp helps mitigate the wind.

Dan’s report was cut off too quickly, due to the challenge of communicating via satellite phone from the far north.  It’s good to hear his voice, regardless of how brief the message was, so with no further ado – here’s Dan Starr!

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  1. Hi Shaun and Eric,
    Glad to hear your work today was ‘relatively easy’ — we are thankful for it might have given you all a reprieve before the next days climb…be safe through the high winds.

    Enjoying the updates–they keep us praying!
    Steve and Susan

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