May 13 “All Starr” Team Calls In From 14,200′

Andrew Kiddier (I think?) called in on behalf of the May 13th team.  They spent the day at 14,200′, because, while conditions were nice in camp, it was blowing 40+ mph on the ridge above camp.  One of the team members, Rusty, decided to descend with our May 11th team.  He is doing well, but will be missed by his team mates.  They are hoping to move up to High Camp tomorrow and punch out a summit bid on Friday.

Fingers crossed!!!

*** I apologize for posting some inaccurate information earlier.  With so many teams on the mountain and up and down movement, I inadvertently posted some information to this post that was not correct.  I apologize if I caused any concern.
-Todd Rutledge
Guide/Director, Mountain Trip

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  1. Hi Andrew hope you and your mates are keeping well fingers crossed you will all get to the summit.

    Love you and thinking of you
    Mum XXXXXX

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