June 17 Team Carries to 10,500′

The team called in from 7,800′ (2377 m) on the Kahiltna Glacier, after a great day of pushing their supplies higher on the mountain.  In order to climb a big, cold mountain like Denali, teams need to plan to spend weeks on the mountain, which translates to a tremendous amount of food, fuel and supplies.

Climbers often use a system of “double carrying” to manage their huge loads.  Double carrying is a climber term that refers to carrying roughly half your supplies higher up on the mountain, depositing them in a “cache,” which in the case of Denali, means in a deep hole in the snow.  They then drop back down to their previous camp to spend the night.  This system of climbing high and sleeping low enables them to both manage their loads and also ease into higher elevations before committing to new heights by sleeping there.

The team is doing great and they plan to move their camp up to 11,200′ (3413 m) tomorrow.

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  1. Well done girls keep pushing like that !! Really happy and greatful to hear that everything is going for the best !!! Enjoy some good base c1mp life and a bit if rest. Good luck for the 4000 meter step !!!

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