2017 Everest Team Preps For The Summit

O2 mask trainingNo – it’s not Darth Jacob, the new emissary of the Dark side…

The climbers on our 2017 Mount Everest team reviewed and practiced the use of our oxygen system in preparation of their final rotation up the mountain.  The winds on the upper mountain have been very strong and there is a good amount of new snow up high as well, so the climbers are sitting tight, watching the weather and exercising that most critical skill of mountaineering – patience.

2017 Everest O2 briefingOur Sherpa team reviews and practices with their oxygen masks.

Here’s hoping that the winds abate in the coming days, as the forecasts look like there might be a decent window that presents itself in just over a week.  It will take them five days to climb their way up, and they do not want to push upwards, unless they have a fairly high degree of confidence that there will be a day or two with lower winds.

Fingers crossed!!

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  1. I’m thinking good weather thoughts for you all… wish I could send a little AZ weather, just a little. Loved the Mothers Day “chorus “….. following all of you up the mountain vicariously makes me feel like a surrogate mom to the entire team, sherpas included. A very proud surrogate mom!

    Jeannie (Chris’ aunt)

  2. What a lovely tribute to all the Mothers. That’s the “highest” accolade I have received as a Mum in a long time 😎 Terry K your Mam will. E tickled pink!! Wishing you all a very safe and successful summit attempt. We are all thinking of you . Lots of love Jackie Rachael Fearghal and Lorcan xx

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