2017 Everest Team – Into The Icefall And Then a Rest Day

Our 2017 Mount Everest Expedition ventured into the lower part of the Khumbu Icefall today, practicing the ladder and fixed line skills they will need to employ and seeing the lower part of the route in the daylight.  When they launch up to Camp 1 on the 19th, they will pass through most of the Icefall in the dark, so it was helpful for everyone to see a portion of it.

April 18th is the anniversary of the tragic ice avalanche that swept the Icefall in 2014, killing 16 Sherpa.  Our of respect for that horrible event, no one will climb on it’s anniversary.  The plan for our team is to head up to Camp 1, at 6000 meters (19,685 feet).  Winds on the upper mountain have been high, so there has not been too much activity above Camp 1 in recent days.  Our Sherpa team carried equipment up to 600m on the 16th and will head up to Camp 2 at 21,000′ (6400m) on the 19th.

Jacob sent a photo from the Icefall!

2017 everest team khumbu icefall

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