2017 Everest Team – Back At Base Camp!

The team is all back at Base Camp, luxuriating in the (relatively!) thick air and enjoying all the amenities that come with it!

They awoke at 5 am and departed Camp 2 shortly thereafter.  It took about 6 hours for everyone to descend through the Khumbu Icefall   and make it back into Base Camp.  They plan to spend the next 5-6 days down low, before making their second rotation up the mountain to further build up their acclimatization.  We should have some pictures shortly!

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  1. Hey Chris! I am still mightily impressed by you and the entire team. Keep up the good work. I still have get used to writing to Everest therefore – more later.

  2. Sent a message but lost it before finished. Thanks for the updates, glad to hear
    of some luxuriating. Always we look forward to pictures, but most of all love
    hearing everyone is enjoying some down town for a short while. Thanks for
    updates, sending love to Chris from his mom and good luck for all. Sandy

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