Record Snowfall In The San Juan Mountains This January Means Great Skiing!

It’s been a wonderful snowy January here in the San Juan mountains!  We’ve broken long standing snowfall records, and the powder skiing has been spectacular.  We are finally moving into a sunny high pressure for a bit, and the back country skiing is in perfect condition.  img_3107-3

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We have experienced a somewhat different type of snowpack this year in the San Juans, where we are used to a shallower overall snow depth, this year we’ve received record snow and it came in pretty warm and wet in the beginning, so it was acting a bit more like a coastal snow climate.   Now we are back into the more typical cold nights and beautiful sunny days that we usually take for granted here in southwest Colorado.  The north facing terrain, particularly below treeline where it has been protected from the high winds of last week, is still the cold powder snow that we all love.  Backcountry skiing in the San Juans is as good as it gets right now, and we are looking forward to enjoying this deep snowpack well into the spring this year.


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