Trip Reports
Joe and the team made a bid for the Denali summit, but were turned down by increasingly bad weather conditions.  They descended safely to camp and are now gathering their strength for one more shot tomorrow.  Tomorrow is their "up or down" day, the last day an expedition can attempt
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Hello everyone... What a great trip in the Alaska Range. I just like to take a moment to thank everyone on our trip for coming with a open mind and a positive attitude. In all we had a well rounded safe trip in one of the harshest climates on earth.
'Hot' was how 2nd guide Greg described the team's carry to 13,500' today.  Besides the heat, everything went smooth, with the entire team continuing to perform strong despite the increased altitude.
The team has pulled into high camp at 17,200', set up their tents, eaten a meal and are most likely tucked into their sleeping bags asleep as I write this.  It sounded like a long hard day, and most likely the team will take a rest day tomorrow to charge
Jacob and company carried loads up the fixed lines to 16,400' today, and as before everyone reportedly did a great job, moving strong and efficiently.  A guide team went a little further up the ridge to high camp in order to put a little extra food ahead of the group
The NWB team is gearing up to head down the West Buttress route from 14 camp.  They plan to leave at midnight with a few other Mountain Trip teams in order to avoid traveling in the heat of the day.  If everything goes smooth they should be in basecamp early
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Qobin, Pi and Zach are headed back down to Base Camp and took a break at the 14,200' camp to pick up some equipment they left there on their ascent.  They had a great day on the summit and are feeling very fortunate right now.  They should be in Base
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