June 26 Team Heading Down

They had a stormy, snowy night last night again at high camp and after a windy morning they are heading down.   It’s been a bit disappointing for the team, but they gave it their best shot and sometimes the weather just doesn’t allow you to get to the summit.  With the snow and the wind up high on the mountain for the last several days, they didn’t really get a chance.  It is tough to accept sometimes, but in spite of their strong efforts and patience they are coming home without summiting.

They left high camp around 3pm today and should be at camp 3 this evening.   They may spend the night there, but are considering continuing down a bit lower if the weather and strength of the team allow.   The earliest they could be at base camp is tomorrow, but most likely they’ll spend another night on the descent and be trying to get to base camp and fly out to Talkeetna on Monday.

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