Mount Rainer team summits!

Mount Rainer Camp Sherman

We don’t often run trips to Mount Rainer, but we had a special father and son team and were able to get a permit to take them on the mountain.  Congratulations to David and Turner for getting to the top of Mount Rainer on their way to summiting the highest peak in all 50 states!

Here’s the report from Josh Garner.
It was tons of fun, smiles, laughs, (and summits of course) on the Tuner4Fifty Rainier trip this past week. David and Turner from Albuquerque, New Mexico joined Mountain Trip guide Josh Garner for some mountain skills and a climb to the top of 14,411 ft Mount Rainier. Though the weather was hot, we managed to adapt with super early starts to our days…..we offset the 109F temps in Portland/Seattle with and 11pm start on summit day, and made it to the top in good style. A huge thanks to David and Turner for letting us hang out with you, and we wish you all the best in your quest for the highest peak in all 50 states!

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