Watch our Mount Elbrus Webinar

Mountain Trip’s lead guides take us for a virtual journey to Mount Elbrus, deep in the Caucasus Mountains of Russia and the highest point in Europe at 18,510′!

Watch our next installment of the “Seven Summits in Seven Weeks” series: Mount Elbrus!

A guided climb of Elbrus or Mengi Tau (Mountain of a Thousand Mountains) is a great way for climbers of all levels to experience high altitude mountaineering in a culturally rich setting. At 18,510′ (5,642m) Mount Elbrus is a heavily glaciated twin-coned volcano that requires a step above the skills and fitness at altitude to climb Mount Rainier. This is a perfect introduction to high alpine, glaciated climbing combined with an exciting adventure to a new culture. Watch our experienced guides explain all there is to know about a guided Mount Elbrus climb with Mountain Trip.

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