La Sportiva Olympus Mons Cube S Review from Everest

This just in from our guide, Fischer Hazen, on our 2021 Mount Everest team.

I think I have found my new favorite high-altitude climbing boot. Full disclosure, I am a huge fan of La Sportiva, as their boots fit my feet well. I use them for all my shoe needs from climbing shoes to running shoes and everything in-between.

The new Olympus Mons Cube S boot takes my favorite features of two older boots and hits the sweet spot of the warmth of the old Oly Mons and the weight and climbability (pretty sure that needs to be a word) of the old G2SM. I have been using this boot guiding on Mount Everest this spring and have been really impressed. The dual BOA system is a breeze to adjust your boots without having to take big gloves or crampons off. The added neoprene sock is great as it keeps your liners mostly dry even when sweating in the boot and it seems to add some warmth as well. Overall, this boot has fully taken away the stress of keeping toes warm on a big cold mountain while also climbing like a much smaller technical boot. Awesome job La Sportiva! I would 100% recommend to friends, clients and climbing partners.

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  1. What crampons were you using with this boot. I have the same boots (still unused unfortunately) and I could not fit any semi-automatic crampons securely. The sole on this beast is just too thick.

    • Shoot! I thought I’d rel=plied to your comment – I’m sorry for the delay. Fischer used Black Diamond Sabertooth crampons with the 2020 standard bails. Fischer wears a US 8.5 boot, which might have helped fit? Maybe the width of the toe is narrower, but I don’t think the thickness of the sole at the welt would have been any thinner.
      -Todd Rutledge

  2. Ever have any fit issues with these new boots? I’ve wore Sportivas for years and have never had an issue. Picked up a pair of the new Oly Mons Cub a couple months back and the “hard pressure” around both ankles from the outer shell makes these boots almost impossible to wear for more than a couple hours. I may have to go back to my Spantiks if I can’t resolve the issue. Just curious if anybody else has had the same issues.

    • Hey Roger, These newer boots don’t really “break in” in the same way leather boots used to so definitely want to get the fit right before taking then on an expedition. The liner in those boots are heat moldable, and getting those heated and fitted at a good boot shop might solve your problems. If it is the shell of the boot, you might be able to get the shell pushed out by a boot fitter at a ski shop, but I haven’t seen that done with those boots. Sometimes, if you put a bigger footbed, or a little lift under your foot, it can dramatically change where your ankle bones sit in the shell of the boot and that can make a huge difference in the fit as well. Good luck getting the fit to work, these are nice boots, but if they don’t fit your foot well you might need to try something else.

    • I’ve had the same issues around the shins and ankles – reading a lot of reviews complaining about the same problems… apparently it’s a fault with the liners, they keep digging in and rubbing the shins.

      Did you manage to resolve your issues?

      • Hey Guys,

        Thanks for your responses. I was in the process of trying a couple of things; bought some Intuition liners, tried my Spantik liners and was considering flying down to Seattle to work with a custom boot fitter in Washington when I blew my should up and had to have surgery.

        Going to try again this season to resolve. Keeping my fingers crossed!

  3. Since my original post I have fitted a pair of Intuition Logan Liners. They are way way better. None of the pressure points. Same thickness as the La Sportiva liner (6MM) so probably no added warmth, but so much more comfy. Work perfectly with the Booties. Don’t know why La Sportiva didn’t use a liner with a tongue. Next up I have a pair of 10MM Palau ALPINE CLOSE FIT HV ordered to see if I can get rid of the floppy neoprene booty and add some real warmth upgrade. I don’t know why you need them. The foam is a vapor barrier anyway, so they don’t wet out and they make the boot feel floppy. Yes expensive experiment, but my feet are worth a few hundred dollars!

    • I have followed your suggestion and just ordered the same as the pain was unbearable around the shins and ankles and now with Intuition Logan Liners the boots feel so much better. Will be taking them to climb Mt. Rainier to break them in further. Will provide an update after the trip. Thank you very much for the suggestion!

    • Hey Albert, yes they do fit true to size. The sportiva line fits pretty similar across the board so if you know what you wear in the LaSportiva Nepal boots or other mountaineering boots, you can get the same size.

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