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High Altitude Boot Webinar

Join Todd Rutledge, Guide and Co-Owner of Mountain Trip, and Jon Miller, Manager of Jagged Edge Mountain Gear, for a comprehensive overview of high altitude double and triple boots for climbing Denali.
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Watch our Kilimanjaro Trek 2020 Webinar

Join Mountain Trip’s lead guides for a virtual trek up Mount Kilimanjaro,

the final installment of out “7 Summits in 7 Weeks” webinar series!

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Carstensz Pyramid Webinar

Join our next installment of Seven Summits in Seven Weeks: Carstensz Pyramid! Mountain Trip’s lead guides take us for a virtual journey to Carstensz Pyramid (Puncak Jaya) in Indonesia. We’ve had some wild experienced climbing Carstensz Pyramid over the years. No matter your trip, you’re guaranteed a unique adventure. With exotic beaches and jungles below,…

Watch our Aconcagua 2020 Webinar

Recorded webinar: Join Mountain Trip’s lead guides for a discussion on the experience of climbing Aconcagua, with Q&A to follow. The highest peak outside of the Himalaya, Cerro Aconcagua beckons climbers from around the world. This beautiful, high, rugged mountain serves as a great introduction to high altitude mountaineering. Our panel of experienced guides answers…

Watch our Denali 2021 Webinar

Webinar recording: Join Mountain Trip’s lead guides for a look at what it takes to climb Denali as an expedition team, and Q&A session.

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Moose’s Tooth Alpine Climb

“Ham and Eggs” By Nick Aiello-Popeo, 2017 While most visitors to the Central Alaska Range toil under heavy loads on Denali’s West Buttress, some of us prefer the relatively-smaller surrounding peaks, with their steeper faces and lighter backpacks. It was during my first trip up Denali in 2010, while flipping through a well-worn guidebook in…