Summit Ridge Mount Everest Climbers

Are you ready for Mount Everest?

How do you know if you are ready for Mount Everest? By: Bill Allen Himalaya Program Director (3 time Everest Summiter) The difficulty and challenges involved in a Mount Everest climb have, in some spaces, been totally over-hyped with people equating it with a death defying experience only for the most incredible athletes, and in…


Patience on Mount Everest

The 2017 Mountain Trip Everest team is staying fit and acclimated at base camp by taking daily hikes up to nearly 19,000 ft on nearby Pumori.  The weather up high on Mount Everest has continued to be difficult, winds and snow continue, but teams have pushed up to the top and the rope is now…


Everest Team Enjoying Namche

The climbers are on their way to Everest base camp and spent the day enjoying the village of Namche today.  They’ll spend a couple of extra days on their way up to base camp to acllimatize and enjoy the journey, and Namche is a favorite stop.  They went for a hike above town to a…