New Carstensz Pyramid Helicopter Access!!

cropped-img_03651.jpgWe’ve had somewhat of a breakthrough in our ability to provide reliable helicopter access in and out of the range for our Carstensz Pyramid Expeditions!  As problems have mounted with the trekking trips into Carstensz Base Camp with local people and rebel groups extorting money and holding trekkers hostage, the helicopter access has become even more appealing and important.   There have been problems with helicopter access as well, but we finally have the ability to contract with a helicopter to provide us with priority flights when we need them in a good machine with an experienced pilot from New Zealand.

We’re really excited to be able to offer these trips the way they should be run.   We’re still going to be traveling to one of the most remote spots left on the planet, but we are going to be able to eliminate many of the variables that caused problems in the past.

Please call or email if you are interested in joining a team this Autumn or next Spring!

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