Watching and Waiting

The Team is in Base Camp and we are watching the weather very close now. We have some of the best forecasting in the world coming into the Mountain Trip Base Camp here. Right now one branch of the Jet Stream is sitting near the top of Everest so is delaying things for the next few days. Everything changes by the day, so its interesting to watch everyone scramble, with big plans for summiting. We are waiting to see a solid, lower wind window and not getting caught up in jamming up high without a clear time to go. Very important in our planning is that there are no ropes to the summit yet and that is not scheduled till the 18th in the hope that the Jet moves away and the lines go in. The forecast looks promising for the fixing teams, that’s some good news. Enough about strategy! Most everyone is off to Kala Patar 2 for a short hike. Very nice weather her now. Were all enjoying being in one place for a few days. Up high the winds have been hammering the upper ridges and Lhotse Summit, with tomorrows forecast to be even higher winds. At least the food is awesome in Base Camp, with Serki making some impressive meals. No one is loosing any weight on this expedition! Scott Woolums reporting from Mountain Trip Base Camp!


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