UAE Team 1 – Camped at 11,200′

The UAE Team 1 moved up to the beautiful basin camp at 11,200′ today.  They are doing well and have fortified their camp in preparation of a storm that is predicted to hit the mountain tomorrow.  This camp is quite well protected from most storms, although it is prone to receiving high quantities of snow at times.

Here is some video I shot in the afternoon of the team’s second day at Camp 1.  The morning dawned very windy and a complete whiteout to the north, the direction we needed to travel.  As the day progressed, the visibility improved to the south, as seen in the footage, but never cleared above us.

[youtube_sc url=””]

To add some additional context of the area in which they are climbing, here is some footage from shortly after our arrival at the 7,200 foot high Base Camp:

[youtube_sc url=””]


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