Photos from the December 16th Aconcagua Team

Rene, Nigel and Fermin are all in Mendoza, having hiked out the long Horcones Valley in fairly trying conditions.  The wind that settled over the upper mountain made for a chilly 16 mile hike to the Horcones tralihead.

Fermin sent the following photos from the hike and one of the upper mountain, as seen from the bustling Plaza de Mulas Base Camp.

Aconcagua wind

The double lenticular cloud covering the top of Aconcagua reaffirmed the team’s decision to not stay high any longer. We had reports of numerous tents being blown off the mountain due to the wind in recent days!


Dropping down off the old glacier that forms the foundation of the Plaza de Mulas Base Camp.


Rene and Nigel, bundled up for the chilly hike out the Horcones Valley. Most teams are hiking in shorts and hiding from the hot intensity of the sun at this point, not wrapped in Gore Tex!!



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