Operation Aconcagua – Tough day, but at Camp 1

It was a tough day moving up to Camp 1 at about 16,400′ today.  About 2/3 of their way up, the wind picked up and blew so hard that Eliana, who weighs about 70 lbs less than Neil, was almost blown off her feet!  Neil joked about perhaps flying her like a kite to help pull them both up the mountain!


Hiking to Camp 1, at about the area where the wind began to blow.

After battling the wind for a while, they climbed up through a field of ‘Penitentes,” fins of snow formed by the affects of wind, sun and the dry air.  This stretch was tough for Neil, as his prosthesis made for insecure footing.  Eliana blazed a good trail through the field and with his usual tenacity, Neil made it out of the snow and up onto the moraine that is the site of Camp 1.

A Penitente field below Camp 1, with the Polish Glacier in the background.

Eli and Neil are tucked away in their tent, out of the wind, and well fed.  Sleep should come easy this evening, and well deserved!


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