May 27 Team – Happy Birthday Kari!!

Kari called in on her birthday, and I suspect, from her post, that her biggest birthday wish right now, should the wind not blow out her birthday candle before she gets a chance to do so, would be for a change of scenery!  Patience, Kari… patience…!

George is heading down today, which Kari references.  He’s fine, but circumstances have just made this the prudent choice for him at the time.  Good work in making it a mile and a half up the mountain, George!

The winds up high have been pretty brutal, but the forecast shows them diminishing later this week.  I suspect that they will push hard to get up high at the soonest opportunity, so as to be in position when the winds slack.  We have one of the only teams still remaining up high, and lead guide Chris Kerrick is in touch with them daily, so he has the best possible information at hand with which to base his decision-making.  This is his 15th season on Denali, so he is no stranger to this sort of situation.

Here’s the birthday girl!!! 🙂


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