June 26 Team checks in from Camp 1!

Ken Jeppesen and (I believe) Anders Tomsen called in from Camp 1 at 7,800′ (2377m) on the broad Kahiltna Glacier.  the team traveled during the twilight hours of the Alaskan night to reach camp, as it has been very hot on the glaicer during the Day.  The climbers mentioned ice baths in perhaps a bit too much detail!  They are doing great and the team is in great spirits.

Today’s hike was about five miles (8 Km) up the glacier.  This is a long, grueling day of carrying huge loads of food, fuel and supplies, as well as all their camping and personal gear.  From now on, they will probably carry only half their equipment, in a strategy we call “double carrying” up the mountain.  Tomorrow, for instance, they will carry roughly half their kit up to a point at or near their next camp, dig a deep pit in the snow and bury their cache.  They will then return to 7,800′ camp for the night.  This system of carrying high, but sleeping low enables them to both move the mountain of necessary supplies, as well as ease their bodies into the thinner air of each higher camp.

Here are Anders and Ken!  (If I am wrong about Anders, will someone please post a comment and let me know?)


denali camp 1

Denali as seen from 7800′ Camp in May 2015

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