May 8 Team – Tough Decisions at 14,200′

The past 15 hours have been very tough for the May 8th team.  They have been on the mountain for 17 days, and last night they received a pretty unfavorable sounding weather report at the evening weather broadcast.  As we do with most Denali expeditions, we packed 22 days of food for this team.  It will take them at least a day to make it back to Base Camp, and they are a minimum of three days from making a round trip to the summit and back, meaning that they are approaching the date when they have to either go up or down.

In light of the poor weather forecast, a number of the team members elected to descend to Base Camp, including Deeno, AM, Hanis and Simon.  They are all healthy, but a combination of factors has developed to cause this decision.

They are in the company of our guides Ted  and Zac, along with lead guide Ben Akison from a small private group that had been roughly parallel the May 8 team.  They have added two UAE climbers to their ranks from the 11,200′ camp, and are all currently camped at 7,800′.

Let’s hope for good weather so that the remainder of the team can make a bid for the summit!  Think warm thoughts!!!

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  1. Rodney >> can only imagine the conditions you and the team are experiencing, but can deeply empathize w/the current ascent status and near term decisions to be made. DUDE >> clearly, you gotta hang with the guides and follow their wisdom and desire to keep everyone safe; however, be assured that EVERYONE back in the lower 48 (NC and PA inclusive) knows beyond a shadow of ANY doubt that YOU are the MAN, and you’ll be with the summit team when and if that attempt is made. ALL THE BEST MY GOOD AND TRUSTED FRIEND. Can’t wait to see you at the CLT airport and hear the freaking awesome stories. Stay MONSTROUSLY strong BRO. Your buddy, g

  2. Rodney – wishing you the best of weather today & for the rest of your trip. We are all discussing your adventure here at work and look forward to hearing all about it when you return! Karen

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