May 29 Team Stands on the Summit!!!

Congratulations to the whole team! Yesterday they had the chance to stand on the tallest point in North America at 20,310′ (6190m)! This is a huge, long day in colder temps and pretty high altitude. The team tackled some of the most challenging terrain yet to touch the highest reaches of this continent. We hope they enjoyed the view! Late last night they were on their way back down to spend one more night at High Camp. They will pack up today and move back to Camp 3 (14,200′ 4328m) to rest for a bit until nightfall, then will take advantage of the cooler temps and frozen glacier to descend back to Basecamp and hopefully be catching a ride out tomorrow morning, if we see some good weather. Teams are currently in a holding pattern at Basecamp to fly out, so please do not be alarmed if they are not able to get out right away!

We also want to apologize to friends and family who have been following along and wondering why they haven’t seen any recent updates on this team. Unfortunately, the team was unable to acquire a satellite phone to call in for their updates. And although we are keeping close tabs on them and are still in communication, in the frenzy of keeping up with all of the teams we’ve had on the mountain this Denali season we forgot to write in an update for these folks to substitute for their usual call ins. We hope in the mean time you’ve clung to the adage we advertised from the start, no news is good news! Hopefully you will be hearing from these folks directly soon. Thanks!

-The Mountain Trip Team

A 2021 team on the summit ridge

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  1. Congratulations!!! So happy and proud! Paine te quiero y admire infinitamente! Ahora solo queda que lleguen todos sanos y salvos!

  2. Congratulations Michael, we are absolutely thrilled to hear from you and to hear that you have conquered your 4th Summit !!!! and that all the team are safe and well, Mum

  3. Congratulations May 29 team on summitting!
    Well done David—-everyone in Ei Shannon is proud of your achievement!
    Everest next??

  4. Congrats Mick and team!! What a remarkable summit to acquire. Been thinking about you guys and wishing all a safe descent and swift recovery before you head out of Alaska.

  5. Great news @michaelfortune 🙌🏻🎉👍🏻😃 and congrats to all the team 👏🏻 Hope ur enjoying it too😜

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