June 18 Team at High Camp 17,200′

Yesterday the team retraced their steps up the fixed lines and the headwall, climbed the beautiful ridge line above 14 Camp, picked up their cached items at 16,500′, and made the final push to High Camp at 17,200′. It’s an exhausting day and Etienne reports that the team moved well and is feeling good. Great work! Today the team woke to high winds and they kept busy by building snow walls around their camp for protection.

Denali Guides High Camp

A fortified Mountain Trip team at High Camp


The climbers will rest, hydrate, and organize their kit in preparation for a summit attempt in the coming days.

Here’s Etienne:

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  1. Dusty Miller

    Congratulations June18 Team!!!! Way to go!! Pics look amazing!!
    Continued good luck and God’s blessings on this memoriable journey. Thanks for sharing your experiences!!
    God’s Speed,

  2. Bill & Pam Ferrante

    June 18 Team…..your update was great! Praying that you will be able to summit very soon! Chris your nieces and nephew would love your snow walls!!! Be safe and can’ wait to hear your next update. You’re having a fantastic journey!
    Hugs to all!

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