June 9 Denali – Final Thoughts From Caitlin

Denali is a fickle gal and she certainly threw a few curve balls our way. Record high temperatures in Talkeetna made for dangerous rockfall conditions around Windy Corner and on the fixed lines, causing us to travel at night even on the upper mountain. We could also smell and see the smoke from wild fires burning north of the mountain and had to navigate a gaping bergschrund coming down the fixed lines. Not to mention the thunder and lightning storm on summit day!

Team “Into Thin Hair” did a great job adapting to all these unusual challenges and being patient in waiting for our weather windows. We shared quite a few laughs over dinner in the mid (kitchen tent).

On behalf of the guide team, I want to thank all the climbers and let you know how much we all enjoyed getting to know you and climbing with you.

Keep Climbing,

Caitlin Hague

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