June 21 West Buttress Expedition – Move to Camp 3

After some breakfast of something like a Denali Sando, which is cream cheese and bacon on a bagel (sometimes jelly, too!), and some coffee everyone packed up at Camp 2 (3413m). Before heading out, the team dug a cache at their camp to stash anything they no longer need such as trash, snowshoes, and most of their sleds and duffel bags. They cover this 5-6 foot deep hole with a mound of snow and mark it with wands so they can find it on their return journey. They put on their crampons, tied in to their rope teams, and with ice axes in hand and a full backpack marched out of camp. They retraced their steps from the day before to Windy Corner and then just a bit further into Camp 3. The day was a little bit windy but it is beautiful and clear at 14 Camp (also known as Camp 3).

On a clear day you can see the Alaska Range stretched out in front of you, staring down on mountain tops and glaciers, for miles and miles out to the lush river plains below. Temps are a bit colder, and as you look up you can really visualize some of the final steps to the summit. The team is really in it now!

Here’s assistant guide Patrick Lane with the update!

Audio Recording

A beautiful dat at Camp 3

A beautiful day at 14-Camp.

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