June 21 West Buttress Expedition – Cached Around Windy Corner!

Yesterday the June 21st team cached around Windy Corner. They left their snowshoes in camp, strapped on their crampons and grabbed their ice axes. They left camp with backpacks full of supplies to bury in the snow. Immediately out of camp, the mountain rises above them as a slope known as Motorcycle Hill. Straight up they will climb to a bench at the top where they can take a short break and enjoy the views of the Peter Glacier below on one side, and camp below them on the other side. After Motorcycle Hill they climb up Squirrel Hill onto the Polo Field where they make their way to Windy Corner. Just past Windy Corner they buried their cache in the snow around 13,000′ (3962m). Tomorrow they hope to make the move to the next camp!

Here’s Tom Huntley:

Audio Recording

A team from May of 2024 climbing out of Camp 2 up Motorcycle Hill.

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